More Basecamp Functionality While On The Go

Basecamp Classic and Basecamp New are now just a tap away. Use Happy Path from virtually any mobile device.

Happy Path is a mobile application for Basecamp that is compatible with virtually all mobile devices and provides a complete user interface to give your team maximum Basecamp functionality. Do things that you just can’t do with other mobile basecamp apps.

Happy Path is completely FREE while in Beta!

Current version: 0.0.4 (change log)


Install an app from Google Play

iPhone or iPad

Bookmark to your Home Screen

Open Now

Meanwhile, we are working on App Store version!

Other devices

Use from your favorite mobile browser

Open Now

Meet Features

Fast-Switch between Basecamp Classic and Basecamp New accounts

Create, View, Edit and Delete Discussions

Quickly see the latest activity and comments

Create, View, Edit and Delete Messages

Create, View, Edit and Delete To Dos and To Do Lists

Create, View, Edit, Delete and Archive Projects

Create repeating To Dos and Milestones

Track time (for Basecamp Classic)

View and Download Files or Attachments